Time Table

Sessions starts at 9.00am. After the morning assembly all pupils go to class. They are then positioned in theirspecialised chairs and a structured curriculum  is followed. It includes Literacy, Mathematics, PSHE, Science, ICT, Religion, Geography and History. Halliwick methods are used in a full-sized Hydrotherapy Pool. A Multi-Sensory and Sensory Circuits room provide stimulation for the senses. The centre provides a hot snack, free of charge, during the mid-day break. Texture of food is according to the individual needs of the pupil.  A day at San Miguel ends at 3.00pm.


Formative Assessments (by the teacher and assistants) are ongoing throughout the year. The centre is a member of EQUALS and PACE Assessments are carried out during second term. Most of our students score on Attainment Levels 1, 2 and 3. Results are sent to Durham University and data is sent back to school to be used for further program

Individual Education Programme

IEP’s are held during the first term. They are carried out by a team of professionals and parents.

Parental Involvement

Parents are also directly involved in the Educational Programme of their children. Individual Educational Programmes are held annually during the 1st school term. Students, parents and all those working with the child are present at the conference. Talks are also held during the year to inform the parents about the type of education their children are receiving. Contact books are provided by the school to keep contact with parents from day to day. Parents can make appointments to talk to the Head of School, or class teams, should the need arise. Parents are also involved in the Christmas Activities.

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