General Information

San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre was first inaugurated as a special school on the 15th of June 1989. Following the special schools reform in 2009, it has been acting as a resource centre ever since.  The other three former special schools which are now acting as resource centres are:

  • Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre
  • Helen Keller Secondary/Young Adult Education Resource Centre
  • Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre

Currently, San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre provides an education on a full time basis to 30 primary age students in 4 classes; each class having an interactive whiteboard, a computer, a changing room, couches and a kitchenette.  

Our students participate in cooking activities, multisensory, congitive, ICT and hydrotherapy sessions. In the afternoon our students participate in Motor Activity Training Program(MATP) sessions.

The centre is also equipped with an outside playground.       

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