Christmas Concert 19.12.2014

Christmas Concert was held on 19th December 2014. The person in charge of the play was Ms. Rosetta Debattista. The script was written by Ms.Antonella Mifsud, who played the role of Father Christmas during the play. The story was centered around Christmas Father elves, especially the naughty one, Alfie. This role was played by Ms.Christine Grech.

Father Christmas
Alfie sleeping
Father Christmas and Alfie

During the play Father Christmas invited the parents to observe Santa’s elves working in their workshops. For this activity the class set up was changed to a workshop.

DSCF1484 DSCF1450 DSCF1482

christine and mireille DSCF1472 DSCF1455

DSCF1445 DSCF1454 DSCF1442

The physiotherapy room was set as an engine room, where the engineers were very busy preparing the toys.

DSCF2149 DSCF2151 DSCF2062

DSCF2056 DSCF2057 DSCF2059

After returning at his workshop, Father Christmas was very angry because Alfie broke down the toy machine. But Father Christmas was very surprised to find out that the elves came out of the machine.

DSCF1508 DSCF2087 DSCF1544

We concluded the Christmas Concert by saying goodbye to our head Ms.J.Mamo for her retirement.

DSCF2004 DSCF2133 DSCF2134

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